Glocal Ministries

What is a Glocal Focus?

Our Glocal Ministries raise indigenous leaders to reach their own community with the gospel of Jesus Christ and making life-long disciples.

Why Louisville?

Louisville, KY is a major multicultural city in the United States and has became the home to thousands of refugees. There are over 100 languages spoken in Jefferson County and 1500 new refugees arrive every year. Thousands of people from different backgrounds are trying to resettle in Louisville and are seeking to rebuild their lives. I believed it is the calling of local churches to reach where they are to love them, share the gospel, and make disciples.

How “Glocal" Ministries work?

“We are on the Campus, in the Community, and with the Church”
1. The campus will often be first point of contact, but should not be a stand alone ministry.

  • We want to direct students to both community ministries and church partners
  • Each campus ministry still seeks to be a holistic model.

2. Community ministries seek to build bridges between campus and churches.

3. We are continually seeking new church partners and more ways to get them involved.

What is our financial need?

We are fully reliant on your faithful support and prayers as we minister to Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu and other cultures in Louisville. The need to affectively run a full-time “Glocal" Ministry is $45,000 a year. This supports our salary along with training and mobilizing mentors, volunteers and ministry development, as well as covering daily ministry expenses. By becoming a support partner you are not only giving life to a international students story, but you are “Giving Life to Your Story” as well.

International Focus Ministry Model is one component of our Mission here in Louisville.