What is YFC Core?

YFC Core Ministry Model is teams of Christian teenagers with coaches who together, follow Jesus in a way that naturally invites friends to discover Jesus with them.  3Story®: YFC Core is about relational evangelism. 3Story is a way of life that guides followers of Christ to be good news while telling stories of the good news. YFC Core is committed to living and coaching 3Story.

Why is YFC Core Important?

Teenagers need to meet Jesus. YFC Core is an effective way to mobilize Christian teenagers and adults to reach lost teenagers at a high school, middle school, skate park or other everyday community of teenagers. Students have existing relationships with lost peers and YFC Core equips them to make the most of what God is already doing in those relationships. YFC Core provides an ideal platform for adults with the heart, skills and gifts of mobilizing and disciplining others into fruitful ministry.

How does YFC Core Work?

YFC Core teams are comprised of teenagers (2 - 12) with a coach who meets weekly. There are three elements that are always included in a team gathering time: Share, Pray, and Discover. These are deliberate disciplines that develop and engage YFC Core teams in their abiding relationships with Jesus and influence of lost friends. These elements are the backbone of how a YFC Core team interacts:

  • Share: teams share with each other what God is teaching them from Scripture, how He is challenging them in their relationship with Himself and in their relationships with their lost friends.
  • Pray: teams learn how to talk to God about life and friends, growing in their devotion to a lifestyle of prayer.
  • Discover: teams discover how God is asking them to influence their lost friends and how that impacts their personal journey of becoming lifelong followers of Jesus. Faith and action are highly valued during this section.

Core Ministry Model is one component of our Mission here in Louisville.