Deaf Teen Quest


YFC Deaf Teen Quest ("DTQ" for short) Ministry Model is a part of the Campus Life outreach that is designed specifically to build life-changing relationships with Deaf and hard of hearing students (D/HH for short). Teams of caring Christian adults enter the world of D/HH teenagers with “fun, friendship, fellowship, and faith.” YFC Deaf Teen Quest provides a healthy peer group environment with Christian adult role models who are also fluent signers and users of their languages, American Sign Language(ASL) and English. DTQ leaders provide 100% access for D/HH teenagers to a variety of preferred communication modalities.  This is essential because the D/HH teenagers often struggle to find a safe environment to ask hard questions and to be able to discuss abstract concepts in depth to achieve a personal connection with God through the relationships with their peer group and trusted Christian adults.


D/HH teenagers face the same struggles as their hearing peers yet, without many of the same support systems, they oftentimes don’t have access to youth and/or Christian programs due to the language barriers. D/HH teens have become scattered due to educational mainstreaming and experience an increased need for cultural connection and healthy friendships with their own peers.  For those attending Deaf schools, D/HH teenagers still struggle to find the answers to the hard questions about God and why they are who they are.  Deaf Teen Quest strives to give D/HH teens positive experiences with their peer group and Christian adult role models to incorporate into an environment where D/HH teens will gain a positive identity in Christ that will thrive into a mature faith


YFC Deaf Teen Quest Ministry Model is closely related to the Campus Life ministry with only one difference, the Christian adults and D/HH teenagers are consistently communicating through ASL and the ‘heart’ languages of the D/HH teenagers!  The entirety of intentional and loving relationship-building networks of six Relational Ministry Actions are expanded and interactively applied to the culture of the D/HH teenagers in their own languages.

Campus Life ministry sites practice loving relationships through a balance of six Relational Ministry Actions:
  • Contacting - Going into the world of young people in order to initiate new relationships.
  • Building Times - Spending time in shared activities with young people in order to build new relationships and model Christ-like behavior. This includes weekly club times as well as trips and special events.
  • Appointments - Meeting with kids to focus on their individual needs.
  • Small Groups - A structured interactive meeting with several students to discuss relevant topics and connect them to God’s truth.
  • Club - meeting with a large group of kids in a safe, high energy, non-Christian friendly setting to discuss relevant topics.
  • Core Student Leadership – a team of Christian students with adult coaches who together, are committed to personal growth and who follow Jesus in a way that naturally invites friends to discover Jesus with them.
  • In addition, DTQ also provides monthly events specifically for inviting other D/HH teenagers and their friends to high-energy group activities and guys/girls’ night out with their DTQ leaders.
Deaf Teen Quest Ministry Model is one component of our Mission here in Louisville.  For more information contact Matthew Belwood for more information.  [email protected]