Parent Life

What is Parent Life?

Parent Life Ministry Model connects pregnant and parenting teens with equipped, supportive, and encouraging adults. Our strategy is to
help teen parents develop a way of living taught by Jesus Christ. We do this by drawing teen parents together with mentor leaders who engage young moms and dads in activities and lessons focused on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of life.

Why Parent Life?

While they may have access to medical or economic assistance, most teen parents feel disengaged, forgotten, and judged. Intentional friendships in a safe and welcoming environment with authentic, Christ-sharing adults create an atmosphere of acceptance in which teen parents’ lives are transformed.

How does Parent Life work?

We pursue and develop relationships in the context of 3 ministry standards:

  1. Authentic ministry takes place in the context of RELATIONSHIPS.  Parent Life focuses on developing healthy, life-valuing relationships.
  2. Authentic ministry encompasses the WHOLE PERSON.  In Parent Life, we empower adult volunteers to build relationships focused on the “whole teen parent” (spiritual growth, socio-economic health and life-course development).
  3. Authentic Ministry takes place in the Body of Christ.  In Parent Life, we work together with the local church in order to grow life-long followers of Jesus.

What does Parent Life do?

Depending on Ministry Site needs, Parent Life engages in many (but not all) of these activities:

  • Parenting Classes
  • Support Groups: Early Childhood, Anger Management, Bible-based Life Lessons, Healthy Relationships
  • Mentoring 1:1 and 1:3
  • Mommy’s Closets
  • Tutoring
  • Small group and 1:1 Discipleship
  • GED Training
  • Teen Parent Club
  • Cooking and Crafting Classes
  • Attend church services and special events together.
  • Small Group Discussions on Real Life Topics.
  • Provides individual support through adult volunteers.

Parent Life Ministry Model is one component of our Mission here in Louisville.